Open New Visual World with VR, ZMER Raised 6 Million RMB in Jingdong Crowd-funding

In Jingdong crowd-funding during 6.16 to 7.31, ZMER ONE VR Sports Camera raised beyond 6.25 million RMB, the schedule of which exceeded 1200%.

The theme of ZMER ONE Jingdong crowd-funding is ‘Open Your New Sports Visual World’. The brightest spot of this product is real-time stitching, generating 720 panoramic image with one key. Additionally, this VR sports camera is very suitable for outdoor sports and travel carrying. Because its body weighs only 113g, tiny and portable.屏幕快照-2016-08-29-下午3.26.08.jpg

ZMER combines sports and VR, which is a remarkable innovation for every industry. Additionally, its concept is not confined to extreme sports, also conveys attitude towards sports.

ZMER ONE can also be installed on UAV, handlebar, skateboard, helmet and such devices. Adequate sports accessories is also supplied in sports package, such as helmet tie, bike suit, helmet bracket.屏幕快照 2016-08-29 下午3.26.30.png

The pixel of ZMER ONE image reaches 2688*1344, and real-time control on shooting image can be achieved on mobile App which can be watched by VR glasses. It will make all image be capable to re-experience in VR.

Camera combined sports with VR, equivalent of camera combined GoPro with panorama. First appearance in crowd-funding, ZMER ONE gained favor in market, and an order of 13 thousand, gaining decent achievement. The market of ZMER ONE is going to spread to America, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, India, Japan, Canada and so on.