ZM is abbreviation of the English Zero Monitor acronym.

If you type ZM, Chinese phrases will show up like”we” “professional” ”thinking” and”dreamer”.

ZMER, that is ZMer, "dreamer". We are a group of fanatics toward VR-related technology and also a group of persistent dream catchers! We firmly believe that VR will be the next generation of computing platform following the Internet. Visualization connects people, objects, environment, scene, past, present and future. VR changes our future life much more than the Internet and mobile Internet. Also, our future lives will be more colorful! Our dream is to turn "virtual" into "reality" through our efforts.

Zero Monitor Software Technology Ltd. is a company of technology-driven application. We focus on VR acquisition equipment and development of software algorithms. The company aims to use a variety of new technologies, starting from the collection equipment, to solve the three major issues of VR experience: clear and smooth, immersion and anti-vertigo. The current core technology reserves and the future direction of technology development will be implemented all around the three core issues.

At the collection side, we combine the self-developed fish-eye correction, stitching algorithm and image enhancement algorithm with accumulated development experience of embedded platform hardware and software. Then we research, develop and produce ZMER ONE, a Pisces 720-degree VR sports camera. And also apply the VR panoramic sound to further improve the immersive sense of the technology. Apart from collection side, we are also actively working with other industrial chain partners to jointly develop all aspects of the industry chain and to jointly solve the three key technology issues of the VR experience and to jointly realize acquisition, editing, distribution and playback immersive experience of a complete VR. In the VR editing, we have developed real-time VR chartlet, real-time image enhancement, real-time face recognition, real-time motion detection, U3D dynamic and other technologies to enrich representation ways of VR. In the distribution side, we work with a number of video cloud platforms to develop multimedia codec technology to reduce the network load and improve the smoothness of large stream VR video transmission. At the same time, based on cognitive computing, we have developed a recognition system to quickly identify live broadcast in the violation. On the playback side, we have also developed a full platform of VR video player, Android / IOS / HTML5 platform, and also opened the SDK for partners to realize their own platform to quickly have VR playback capabilities. At the same time, we have realized adaptation and optimization for the current state-of-the-art VR playback device.

More than 80% of our employees are engineering and technical personnel, coming from IBM, Google, Qualcomm, Intel, AMD and other industry-leading technology company's technical experts.
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